Original Frozen

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LOCATION: Lafayette, Indiana

CLIENT: Tom Lodde

AWARDS: Packaging Of The World

Serving the community since 1932, The Original Frozen Custard is a walk-up restaurant located on Wallace Ave. and serves as the center-point to many attractions in the area. Multiple family generations, involvement in the community, and traditional recipes all blend to create an experience that cannot be imitated by any similar businesses. With an original custard recipe, the Original Frozen Custard reflects that value in its name by providing the community with a delicious and unique frozen custard that cannot be found anywhere else.

To celebrate their next upcoming season in March 2020, The Custard needed a new visual identity. To stand apart from competitors, the character Baby Bear was slowly introduced in previous seasons but not yet fully considered a part of The Custard's branding and identity.
The new identity features Baby Bear in a classic frame while visually complementing the typography. By developing different lockups for flexible applications, the goal of ensuring everything that leaves The Original Custard will have Baby Bear on it was accomplished. Baby Bear is now able to travel throughout the Lafayette community while representing The Custard with a warm smile. Furthermore, the packaging features all the wonderful attractions that surround The Original Frozen Custard and celebrates the community the walk-up stand is apart of.
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