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COMPONENTS: Identity Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Social Media, Print Design

TARGET AUDIENCE: Business Owners, Employees

In a fast-paced world today where business and employee needs are constantly changing, positive workplace culture can become difficult to maintain. On average, two out of three people claim they are unhappy with their current jobs and will not seek to make a change. People may quickly begin to feel burnout because of this. However, there is a solution.

CoRelate is a campaign designed to provide all the necessary outlets to business owners and unhappy employees with helping improve their workplace culture. Workplace culture is the ‘quirks' and values that make up the overall personality of a business. Nurturing positive workplace culture will motivate employees to keep improving, address problems when they occur, and keep a business on the competitive edge.
CoRelate provides a hub for communication, sharing information, and resources on improving workplace culture. This is accomplished via website, webinar, social media advertisements that offer advice, app, and a motion graphic for those who are discovering the campaign and its goals. Everyone deserves to maintain their livelihood in a positive fashion. Therefor CoRelate aims to help build a sense of unity and provide an opportunity for its clients.
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