Budges Food

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LOCATION: Lafayette, Indiana

CLIENT: Budge's Drive In

AWARDS: Packaging Of The World

Budges Drive In is a classic and must visit walk-up restaurant in Lafayette, Indiana. Food cooked with homemade recipes, flavored drinks, and specialty ice cream flavors allows Budges to stand out from its competition. Many walk-up stands are popular and retain a customer base by appealing to nostalgic senses. By being memorable and approachable with friendly colors, and convenience. As of today, Budges Drive In has been in business for more than 75 years.
Budges may extend its family-friendly culture to other areas with a food truck and packaging. Taking the "walk-up experience" on the go makes business possible almost anywhere and increases the customer base. One primary goal with the new logo and branding is to sell what Budges is popular for, and that is ice cream. However, Budges serves the community with hot food as well. Therefore, the branding uses shades of red, yellow, and blue. The bright colors and reimagined striped pattern retain a "retro" look the original walk-up stand has and allows the Budges Drive In branding to stand out in any environment, and bring more meaning to "Since 1942".
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