What Is Workplace Culture?

Introducing CoRelate with a motion graphic that defines what workplace culture is, and all the benefits from fostering positive workplace culture! Think your business can benefit from a more positive atmosphere? View the video to learn about some statistics!

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Here you may view our weekly webinar and have questions about workplace culture answered live by different people! All webinars are recorded and saved so previous streams may be played at any time.


Mission Statement

In a fast-paced world where businesses and employee needs are constantly changing, positive workplace culture may be difficult to attain at times. Younger employees especially may quickly begin to feel burned out and no longer strive to improve. CoRelate is a program that focuses on providing all essential resources and outs to improve workplace culture for businesses in need. Companies and businesses with good workplace culture have long-lasting employees who are satisfied with where they are, increased productivity, and are not afraid to try new things!

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Each week, CoRelate hosts a free webinar (or online seminar) anyone can tune in to! Our hosts discuss different topics such as the different kinds of workplaces, effective communication, and leadership skills! Viewers may ask questions and have them answered live by the hosts, and all webinar sessions are recorded and saved so they may be replayed at any time!

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Need to talk or have a topic you think is worthy of discussion? Regardless of whether you're a supervisor or employee, everything about the workplace is open to discussion on the CoRelate App! We provide the opportunity to collaborate with others to help any questions, resolve issues, or plan your best approach for something big! The CoRelate App allows its users to be completely anonymous and filter who can see what users say to best allow discussion with like-minded individuals or receive the best-desired feedback!


Each month we feature different articles with info on creating positive workplace culture and advertise conferences or events that focus on employee wellness. All the sources listed here present different ideas, discoveries, and suggestions to help stay up to date on boosting morale with employees and in the workplace.


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